Brand New Foxy Casino Launches and has the low down

Those of you who were a fan of Foxy Bingo will be happy to know that they have launched a casino counterpart. Your favourite mascot Foxy will be there to greet you – charming as ever.

It’s brand new on the scene only hitting our desktop and mobile devices early 2015, and already it’s immensely popular, as you would expect from a brand that’s so renowned.

One of the main incentives to join this site is the £10 no deposit bonus they offer, allowing you to get more familiar with the site before making your deposit. There are also some great bonuses on the go that could see you bag up to £1500 free across your first 4 deposits.

Foxy Casino

There are also a couple of mid-week treats like Ton Up Tuesday where you can bag an extra 50% on your deposit each Tuesday and with Thursday Thrills you can get 10% cash back on their slot of the week. As it’s so new, we are sure that there will be even more cool offers launched through time.

As well as a vast selection of slots including Millionaire Genie, Pixies of the Forest, The Lost Slot of Riches, Fluffy Favourites and others. In their “New on the Strip”, section you will find all the latest slot games to appear on their desktop and mobile casino. There is also a live casino and other table games to check out if they tickle your fancy.

This is just a taster of what they have to offer, popular industry site has written a full site review on Foxy Casino where you will find absolutely everything you need to know, they never miss anything out. They make sure that they play on the site, so they present you with a completely objective opinion, which is exactly what you need when wondering what site to play at.

Check out their Foxy Casino Review here!

Play Free Casino Games With No Deposit

If you have ever wanted to test your gaming skills, and your luck of course, but you weren’t quite confident enough in using online casinos for whatever reason then now is your chance to play at a free casino with no deposit needed. You will get a £10 welcome bonus to play with, and unlike most other sites you are not required to put in any of your own money to receive it!

When you take up this offer of a free casino no deposit at you are under no obligation at all to them. You can walk away at any time if you are not satisfied with their selection of slot machines, scratch cards, and regular casino games too of course. If you don’t like how they run their business, or you’re not happy with their customer support, or whatever else your reason is… you can just leave without spending any of your own money.

no deposit casino

If you’re like me, and most other people I know, then you may tend to stick with your favourite slot machines or your lucky table at a “real life” casino. Maybe you just enjoy that particular game, or maybe it’s superstition… whatever the reason is, it can stop you from trying new things because you don’t want to lose money by playing something that you are not familiar with. That is a very valid concern in my opinion, but when you are playing with what is basically free money it is the perfect time for you to branch out and try your luck on something that you may have never dared to do before. And you know what they say… fortune favours the brave!

Did I mention that you can also get double your money if you eventually decide to make a deposit of your own? No? OK well just read on and I will explain. For your first two deposits they will match whatever you put in, up to £1000 in total, which effectively gives you twice the chance to hit the big money and allows you to play longer with the same amount of money than you would be able to elsewhere. Or maybe you will take this chance to bet a little more than you normally would, and bigger bets mean bigger payouts if you do it right. Whatever you decide, this is basically just more free money that will throw at you just as their way of saying “welcome to the club”.

You can play and win in this casino on just about any device you can think of: most modern mobile phones, tablets such as an iPad, or simply from the comfort of your own home on a desktop computer. Personally I like to do a bit of both… I’ll check in and have a few spins using my phone while I’m on the train or just out and about, then when I get home in the evening I can take my time for a more in-depth gaming session.

10 Things you probably didn’t know about Scratchcards

We all know what scratchcards are and it probably seems safe to assume there wouldn’t be many interesting facts to learn about them. That, however, is where you’re wrong.

So without any further ado, lets us treat you to 10 things you probably didn’t know (or need to know) about scratchcards:

1. A scratchcard can go by many different names in the English language, so if ever you hear someone at the shop asking for, a ‘scratch off’, ‘scratch ticket’, ‘scratcher’, ‘scratch’, ‘scratch-it’, ‘scratch game’ or ‘scratch-and-win’, you’ll know what they’re talking about – generally the theme here is the word ‘scratch’.

2. In 2010 online versions of scratchcards became available. They used systems such as Flash and were (and still are) available at many websites. You can play scratchcards with £20 Free at this bingo site.


3. Scratchcards are not only offered as gambling products, but are also used by companies to send private information to customers! Institutions such as banks will often seal a pin code underneath a scratch panel; this allows the recipient to know whether the mail has been tampered with and therefore whether the sensitive information has been compromised.

4. The First scratchcard was produced in 1974 by a scientist called John Koza with the help of a retail specialist, their product was an instant lottery game.

5. Some lottery companies will allow you to know whether the major prizes have already being paid out on a series of cards. Knowing this information could stop you from wasting your money!

6. The most expensive scratchcard available over the counter costs a whopping $30USD, which is around £20!

7. The top jackpot prize in the UK is £1M and that card costs £5 to buy.

8. In the UK the National Lottery payout to 694,301 winners each day!

9. The first scratch card introduced in the UK in 1995 and was introduced by Camelot, it cost £1 to buy.

10. In New Zealand, only 12 cards can be sold at a time.

So there you have it, ten facts you probably didn’t know about scratchcards. Of course, knowledge is power, but unfortunately unless you’re a statistician and you can decipher a pattern, it doesn’t seem likely that you’re going to be a guaranteed winner.

One such person who is a statistician is Joan Ginther, she has won just short of £13 million by buying scratchcards. It’s never been known for sure but it is speculated that she has used her number knowledge to track down the winning cards by discovering other information such as shipping dates, critics would probably say her luck is based on the sheer number of cards she has bought.

Enjoy the scratchcards but don’t get carried away, that’s the best idea!

Scratch Cards Help You Pay Some Holiday Bills

The thrill of gambling brings people from all walks of life because it’s super easy to win a little extra money on the side. You might not win every time, but hey? The thrill and the rush of gambling is still there. If you’re in the mood for a new adventure, you might want to try scratch cards.

Scratch Cards: Always Changing, Never Quite the Same Game Twice!

If you want one reason above all to check out scratch cards, here it is: variety. You can pretty much look up scratch card games for virtually any topic that strikes your interest. There are games devoted to superheroes and even to tropical locales. It’s up to you to figure out which games you want to play. You can play the same theme over and over again. So if you find a scratch game that features race cars, you can stay looking at race car games for as long as you like. There’s never any obligation to pursue scratch themes that you aren’t interested in.

Let’s talk a little bit more about getting your hands on scratch cards. The “old way” of doing this would be to go to the convenience store and pick up a bunch of scratch cards. That’s obviously going to be an option still, but here’s a better way to get things done. You want to go online and buy scratch cards from an online casino. This is a better option for several reasons. One, you don’t have to go outside your home. If you’re looking at piles and piles of snow outside your window, chances are good that you don’t want to leave your home at all. It would make a lot more sense to just stay in and find the cards online. Most casinos will have a section where you can play different scratch games. As long as you’ve deposited some money into your online account, you will be good to go.

Scratch Cards

Some no deposit casinos may offer scratch cards as well. The way the no deposit feature works is pretty straightforward. They will give you some money to start with, and you will have to deposit more if you want to cash out your winnings. So it’s best to look at the few pounds that you get to play with as “startup funds” for when you eventually deposit your own money. If you want to just play for fun until you get the hang of the system, you’re welcome to do that as well. Everything is completely up to you, throughout the whole process.

Scratch games are fun, but there are ways to keep the party going as long as you want. Log on to a good casino that you feel comfortable with, and then check out what scratch games they have to offer. Sometimes they will call the games “instant win”, but don’t be alarmed: that’s the same game, just with a different name! Good luck!

How to Play Free Bingo And Win Cash

There are many ways to try your luck in online gaming and learning how to play bingo games for a chance to win some money can be one of them. First of all, there are a number of offers and incentives that you can take advantage of when you decide on giving bingo a try. Whether you are looking at playing bingo online or offline, the game proves to be as exciting as it can be.

Beginner’s Luck – Just like the many other spheres where people would try out their luck, bingo offers to be a great way to go for it as well. For example, trying your beginner’s luck when you decide to play bingo online will give you a number of great benefits. Even though the incentives that you are offered when looking to register with a site for this game are to attract more players, you can benefit from them too.

For example, consider some of the great offers that are there for the new players of this game, like the deposit bonuses and the free real cash offers. These incentives will undoubtedly increase your chances in winning some cash if you can utilize them. Therefore, the most important tip while trying out your luck at bingo is to consider what the incentives that you are likely to see are and how they work for you.

Play Free Bingo

The Deposit Bonus Offers – Looking at the deposit bonus incentives that the new players are often offered to on most of the popular bingo sites, they can be a great way to add more money to your account than what you actually put in. Simply put, when you register as a new player on a bingo site and make your first deposit, you may be offered a percentage on your deposit as a bonus.

If the bonus percentage is 200%, you will get to see £300 in your account when you put in £100. This is a great way to start with your game of bingo and try your beginner’s luck. Make sure to be on the lookout for the deposit bonus offers when you decide to play online bingo.

The “no deposit” Offers – On the other hand, you may also be offered the real cash incentives with a new bingo account registration. In other words, as a new player, the site you are looking to play with may actually add some deposit in the account you have opened up even though you may not have invested any money yourself. You can get started with £15 no deposit required at today for example!

It is all about trying your luck when you decide to play bingo games, and the free incentives and bonuses can be the first factor to influence your luck at this highly interesting game!

One Big Reason Bingo Sites Crush the Competition

If you decide to look into online casinos, online gambling, and just entertainment from home in general, you’ll realize one thing: there are plenty of options to choose form. You are certainly not limited to just playing bingo. You could go off and check out poker, slots, blackjack, keno, baccarat and plenty more. However, there is one big reason bingo sites crush the competition time and time again: they are extremely easy to use, and they don’t require any special strategic knowledge to conquer.

The thrill of winning at bingo when you don’t have to be super strategic is amazing. Imagine getting home from work and playing a few games. You didn’t have to qualify or think about any killer strategy in order to win a little bit of money on the side when you decided you wanted to play bingo, and it was waiting for you, completely on your terms. You can start and stop play on your schedule, never missing a show or another appointment. Regardless of when you log on, you’ll find plenty of people to chat with.

Bingo Sites

The ease of play allows bingo sites to continue to rise, but you still need to find the best one to get started with. We recommend because it’s extremely easy to set-up and play as long as you want. It’s no secret that the world is getting more and more complicated. Why shouldn’t you focus on things that are going to be straightforward, light, and easy going? Chances are good that you already have enough things to worry about!

Let’s go back to bingo’s ease of access. Imagine being able to win a little money on the side any time that you want to play. There’s never going to be a limit on how much you can play. It works for anyone’s schedule, and as long as you’re legally allowed to play you can. Free bingo is the gateway to plenty of entertainment options, new friends, and most importantly…chances to win play!

This is something that you have to experience for yourself, so make sure that you check it out as soon as possible. Start today!

Ways To Win More At Online Bingo

Many people claim there are ways to win more at online bingo. Well strictly speaking this isn’t actually true but there are some things you can do to get more value and risk less but win more. Bingo tactics are largely ineffective and those systems which claim they know ways to win more at online bingo are simply rubbish. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more value out of online.

Win More At Bingo

If you want to win more at bingo then check out these top tips.

1 – A great way to win more at bingo is to really take advantage of the sign up bonus deals that online bingo sites have on offer. Most good bingo sites are offering players at least a 100% deposit bonus. So all you have to do is sign up, deposit some cash and they will double it. The higher the percentage of the bonus on offer the more free money you will be getting. If you do decide to use this tactic then you will be getting double the play for your money meaning you have 50% more opportunities to win completely free.

Bingo tactics

2 – You can increase the frequency in which you win at online bingo by playing in bingo games which have a small amount of players in them. The fewer players in the games the more chance you have of actually winning the game. However, when you do win and there are only a small number of players in the field you will be winning less money.

3 – Playing in free bingo games is a great way to win more completely risk free. This doesn’t mean signing up to online bingo sites and only playing with the free money they give you. It means signing up making a deposit and then becoming eligible to play in the free money games which are on offer. Often you will be able to find games of free bingo with prizes of as much as £50 on offer. Usually you will find these free bingo games are only available to online bingo players who have made a real money deposit.

4 – Finally if you want to increase the frequency that you win at then buying more bingo cards in the game you are playing will give you a greater chance of winning. The problem with this strategy is that when you lose you will lose more money the more cards you buy. The best way to use this strategy would be to use the free money you got from your deposit bonus to increase the amount of cards you play. Doing it this way means that the extra cards you have bought are free.

Mobile Bingo – Taking Your Games on the Go

Online bingo has been gaining more popularity over the last few years, with plenty of sites to choose from. However, we no longer need to be attached to our PCs to play online bingo, as anyone with a tablet or smartphone now has the option to play mobile bingo!

Unfortunately, not every single bingo site is accessible via your mobile device, but great changes in technology mean that most of them are. Even if it means a streamlined version of what you’d find on your PC, it’s fairly easy to play bingo on the go.

Mobile Bingo

There are two main ways to access bingo from your portable device – either through the browser on your device or by downloading an app from the App Store or Google Play. You might not find as many sites offering the latter, though some top brands do have their own dedicated app. It’s much more common to simply access bingo on the go by typing the website address into the browser on your smartphone or tablet like you would on your PC.

It really is that simple to play bingo on your mobile device, and there are many advantages of playing this way. You only have to look at a site like Mummies Bingo to see the benefits of playing mobile. The pretty blue site is condensed into an easy scroll site, with everything at your fingertips and easily accessed by the menu button. There’s no compromise on quality, meaning you can essentially carry around all your favourite games in your pocket.

This is great because it means you can enjoy bingo, slots and scratch cards when you’re on your morning commute, in the dentist’s waiting room or anywhere you please really! This has a knock on effect of meaning that you’ll never have to miss a big jackpot game or a great promotion as bingo will always be within your reach! If you have a smartphone or tablet, there’s no good reason not to give mobile bingo a go!

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

You may already know that a “Free No Deposit Bonus” is cash or bonuses given to you upon joining a site. You may know that these bonuses can be used absolutely anywhere within the site (with slots typically being the only exception) and you may also know that you can play for free and win real cash with this money. However – you may have become so excited that you stopped reading right there! Mistake! On this page we have detailed every little thing that you may need to know before you head off and join every site offering free Bingo Bonuses!

Can I Withdraw My Free No Deposit Bonus?

In short, no. While your free No Deposit Bingo Cash can usually be spent anywhere on the site and the answer to that other question on all of your lips is yes – you CAN win real cash using your Free No Deposit Bonus, you need to know that you will never be able to withdraw your bonus or your winnings until you meet the requirements of the bingo site in question.

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

This is true of every single bingo site online, so don’t go thinking you’ve ended up with a raw deal if it turns out that your site does rule that you need to fulfil some requirements. Indeed, some wager and depositing requirements of some bingo sites will be far higher than others, so to ensure you aren’t joining a site with sky-high requirements that you know you’ll never meet, read the requirements BEFORE YOU JOIN! These will be found in the Terms & Conditions. If you are eager to test your online bingo skills, you can play free bingo online with £15 no deposit cash here.

What are the Benefits of my No Deposit Bonus?

Just because you can’t withdraw the cash until you meet the wagering and depositing requirements of the bingo site you have chosen does not mean that you will lose any cash that you win – those winnings will still be there when it comes time for you to deposit, so as long as you intend to deposit at some point then your winnings will still be all yours. Of course, your free bonus means that you can get a good feel for the site and the standard of the bingo games on offer without spending any of your own money. This also means that if you decide a site isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you can walk away knowing that you don’t have any money locked inside a bingo account that you don’t wish to use.

If your intention was only ever to play for fun, then by all means use up that Free No Deposit bonus with the understanding that if you win, you can’t withdraw. The benefits of this include completely free bingo fun and of course completely free bingo practise!


Movie Themed Slots: Upcoming Comic Book Adaptations

When it comes to movie themed slots, one genre is more frequently dipped into than any other. It will come as no surprise that comic books – or, if there are any touchy fanboys reading, ‘graphic novels’ – are the go-to source of inspiration for slot developers looking for some easily recognized imagery for their game.

Well, the growth of comic book movie themed slots continues unabated, with loads of forthcoming adaptations in the works. Late last year, Aristocrat Technology reported they were to produce a new line of slot machines catering specifically to comic book fans. Chief among them, The Walking Dead promises to be a major addition to casino floors and online gaming rooms. Players will guide Rick and the rest of the zombie-dodgers through a post-apocalyptic nightmare, picking up cash prizes along the way.

The Walking Dead slots

The game debuted last year at the Global Gaming Expo, drawing heavily on the graphic novel series. It’s proof positive that even the latest, most gritty comic books can find legs in different mediums.

It’s a firm tradition. Both online and real world casinos have been adapting comic books for years, with DC heroes like Batman, Superman, the Flash and Wonder Woman having graced several slot machines.

Incredible Hulk slot

Marvel have taken full advantage, too. One of our favourites is the Incredible Hulk slot, based on the Ed Norton movie. With five reels and twenty five paylines, the Hulk has plenty of ways to win. Features include Scatters and Wilds, but the best of the bonus bunch is the Hulk Smash, in which players take control of the Hulk as he rampages across the city. The idea is simple: smash everything in sight! Overturn police cars to win a random cash prize. Another favourite round is the Hulks Rage bonus, in which the titular star rains a whole mess of bidness down on local authorities.

The deep connection between comic books, the movies they spawn, and the slot games that follow looks unlikely to break any time soon. Browse around the web to find your own dream combo of superhero magic and cash prizes